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I have been painting most of my life and was first taught and inspired by my father who is also an artist. I am a strong graphic designer. I have designed packages, logos, posters, invitations, banner ads, Keynote presentations and corporate branding. I also have a passion in painting murals and oil paintings for both residents and businesses. I paint with quality acrylic paint and/or oils which can be used on canvas, drywall, brick, or wood. My process begins with a consultation where I learn more about the type and size of mural or painting the client desires. Layouts are presented in photographs or prototypes to show the client for approval. Murals and paintings are both personal and meaningful. So, I like to work closely with the client to ensure that their needs are met. Pricing for murals or paintings is determined by style, subject matter, size, space, materials, estimated time to complete and the client's budget. During consultation these factors are discussed before work begins. Please feel free to contact me Enjoy.
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